1 What is the max print area for DTG?
DTG max print area is 14” wide X 15” tall.
2 Can I use PMS color match values to match colors?
DTG or direct to garment printing is a CMYK print process. There is no color matching available in this method. The technology uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black, mixed together to formulate all of the colors in a spectrum. The colors will be similar as the art submitted but not exact match. Please keep in mind that the colors you see on a computer monitor vary to a degree to actual ink on a shirt. It is important to manage those expectations.
3 What materials work best for DTG printing?
DTG works best on 100% cotton. Thick or heavy cottons being the least best. I love DTG on the Next Level 3600 or the Fruit of the Loom. Stay away from pigment dyed, mineral washed, tye dye or acid washed. The pre treatment application will cause those finishes to discolor.
4 Can I mix shirt sizes & do I need to order in dozens?
Mixing shirt sizes is fine as long as the art size remains exactly the same across the entire order. For example, if we have to reduce art size to acomodate youth size shirts, that is considered a brand new order subject to new screen, films, set ups and minimums.
5 What color profiles are used in DTG printing?
6 Are DTG inks safe for printing baby and kid’s clothes?
Yes, DTG inks are water based and non toxic.
7 What type of art files work for DTG?
PNG on transparent background, 180-300 dpi is best
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