Undoubtebly, one of the residual side effect of what seems like the never ending  pandemic  is a longing for nature and materials that support mother earth. That’s why nature, the environment, and spirituality are trending themes now, and you can see their influence on designs everywhere.  Some of the suprising materials making headlines this upcoming Spring season are hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, linens, natural twills, combed organic ring spun cotton to name a few.

Although a challenge to print on some of these materials, technology is evolving to address this.  Waterbased inks, vegetable dyed embroidery threads, or no print at all.  Brands are aligning themselves with a cause because causes are more important to customer’s now than ever before.  Brands have to stand for something and mean it.  Nature, conservation and climate change continue to be a driving force in consumer decisions.  Customers are embracing minimialistic trends, simplicity and the love of giving back.

Nudes, heathers, white, sand, are some of the trending colors already making headlines.  Less is definatley more in the industry this season.  Add a beautiful waterbased disstressed print or just blank with a private label for your brand and your ready for Spring 2023.  These are so versatile and you can feel good about these more natural fibers and not to mention aligning your brand with a cause that gives back.

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